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Our software solutions enable the digitalization of GRC processes and anchor them efficiently within the organization. Our software risk2value builds a bridge between operational levels and top management by allowing them to link different GRC information across multiple business functions so that they develop a common frame of reference for transparent decisions on various management levels.

Contribute to increasing the performance of your company!

Digitalize your GRC processes to ensure your
company’s sustainable success.

With risk2value, midsize companies and large corporations can implement and integrate a wide range of Governance, Risk and Compliance applications in a complete GRC framework. This professionalizes their GRC activities to save both time and costs.

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Assure the resilience and sustainable competitiveness of the organization

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Foster the proper functionality and robustness of processes, internal guidelines and requirements

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Contribute to achieving resilience and sustainable competitiveness of the organization

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Establish an independent control unit to detect organizational deficiencies and improve continuously

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Protect corporate assets (material, non material) from negative influences
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Implement strategies for a sustainable and value oriented development of the corporation

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The significance of risk management
has grown dramatically in recent years

Globalization, the changing requirements of increasingly deregulated markets and mounting pressure to lower costs have revealed a clear need for a structured approach to risk management in many organizations. Regardless of their intrinsic motivation, companies can utilize existing risk management regulations as guidance:

Viewing individual risks in isolation no longer suffices to fulfill the various legal and internal requirements of today’s companies. An integrated approach provides far greater benefits by enabling a holistic view of risks, embedding risk management in enterprise management, and clearly aligning with corporate goals.

Companies can fulfill this vision through a risk-driven approach that is rooted in their corporate culture and institutionalized through risk management software. Employee commitment is hereby essential to implement the developed risk management processes and truly live them in everyday business.

An integrated risk management approach
releases potential for increasing value.

To cover the comprehensive demands on risk management, companies need a broader approach that is anchored in the corporate culture as a solid framework. This ensures that risk management releases its potential for increasing value by enabling companies to take more risks through greater control over them.

Despite these insights, many companies still work with isolated solutions, which lead to a variety of problems. In particular, these silos hinder an enterprise view of all relevant risks and effective ways to deal with compliance and operational risks. An integrated approach, in contrast, closes the gaps between compliance and risk management processes, reduces duplicate work, and enables a comprehensive view for management.

Contemporary approaches to risk management driven by risk management software empower companies to establish strategies for building profit and value while transforming their view of risk from a potential danger to an opportunity for strategic growth. 

Risk management software supports this process throughout the following steps:



Risk identification is a key task of the process since each non-identified risk poses a threat. Identified risks are generally aggregated by risk types or fields for easier processing.


Companies can use various measures to control risks depending on their nature and urgency:

  • Avoiding risks that pose a grave threat
  • Reducing the probability of a risk's occurrence
  • Transferring or sharing risks (e.g., through insurance or partnerships)
  • Accepting risks that only pose a minor threat when their reduction is not economically feasible


Risk management software provides various qualitative and quantitative methods for risk analysis such as self-assessments or Monte Carlo simulations. Quantifying risks is the foremost objective of the risk evaluation. 


Integrated reporting is necessary to ensure effective risk management. These reports, which stem directly from the software, ensure on-going checks of processes and measures and enable a complete risk overview for management.

Advantages of a risk management software

To adequately implement an enterprise risk management approach in line with these steps, companies should deploy a tried-and-tested risk management solution that maps and supports existing processes or provides a method that aligns with common standards. Companies profit from:


Modern risk management lays the foundation for an integrated collection of capabilities, methods, processes and tools that enable organizations to reliably achieve their objectives and cope with uncertainty.


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