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2021’s Trends in Governance, Risk and Compliance

The past year of 2020 has confronted companies with a wide range of challenges. The Corona pandemic, in particular, demonstrated the importance of GRC when it comes to dealing with critical situations. Business interruptions, health risks and monetary losses forced organizations to be agile in handling these difficult circumstances. 2020 taught us that reliable goal achievement, effective crisis management and acting with integrity at times of great uncertainty significantly depend on the functioning triad of governance, risk and compliance. This fact shapes the way GRC is approached in 2021. 

Strategic GRC Trends

GRC 20/20’s research has shown that integrity, resilience and (organizational as well as technical) GRC integration are in this year’s strategic focus of many companies. Achieving these goals can be fostered by agile GRC solutions that cover the full spectrum of governance, risk and compliance requirements of organizations. They enable sustainable management in precarious times by creating contextual awareness of objectives, risks and controls through robust analytics and methods. 

Tactical GRC Trends

The achievement of the above-mentioned strategic goals is supported and enabled by tactical measures. For example, increasing the level of risk management maturity in line with industry-specific standards can increase the resilience of companies. In combination with practiced compliance, tangible and intangible added value is created, which allows decisions to be made with integrity. Information security and business continuity are and will remain essential topics also. Due to the technological upheaval that companies have experienced as a result of the need for “physical distancing”, it is more important than ever that information assets are protected, and digital resources are available reliably.

Support the increase in the degree of maturity of your GRC processes by using modern, future-proof and easy-to-use software solutions. avedos offers you both out-of-the-box solutions that meet current standards and can be used immediately, as well as individual solutions that can be precisely adapted to your existing processes. See specific application examples in a free demo.

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