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At avedos, our team is extremely important. We host regular business and employee events and team-building activities. Initiatives such as avedos.family and avedos.green strengthen our common bonds and ensure a productive working environment.

Get to know the people at avedos as they provide an inside look in their day-to-day work. Mouse over a picture to learn more.

Get to know the people at avedos as they provide an inside look in their day-to-day work. Tap on a picture to learn more.

Since every single employee at avedos works with hardware and software, I work with colleagues from all departments. Aside from a technical IT apprenticeship, you need to enjoy analyzing and solving IT problems to meet the daily demands in this job. Sasa Tesic, IT Engineer
It’s the combination of being creative and collaborating with clients and partners that makes my job so diverse. A very exciting, yet challenging time for me each year is organizing and running the avedos user conference. This demands a very structured, solution-driven working style and innovative thinking. David Hahn, Event Manager
I especially enjoy having close contacts with clients, identifying the needs of a new prospect, and being able to offer the right solution. As a member of the sales and partners team, you need outstanding communication and presentation skills to win new clients and optimally support existing ones. Manuel Rodlberger, Account Manager
At avedos, no two projects are the same, so there is never a dull moment in my job as a consultant. We support clients from the first workshop to the go-live phase – and sometimes even beyond. This gives us a good idea of the client’s unique working style and often makes us the main contact for the in-house project team. Analytical thinking and a natural love for software tools are two of the most important requirements in this line of work. Since we have such close contacts with our clients, the willingness to travel throughout Europe and excellent communication skills are essential as well. Eva Rötzer, Implementation Consultant
„Project management is so fascinating because it links the market, client and colleagues together. To offer an optimal range of products, you need to unite these individual areas into one. My colleagues stand out for their strong analytic thinking and structured working style“ René Windisch, Head of Product Management
"I really enjoy being able to work on the further development and optimization of such a complex tool like risk2value. The huge differences in a major release motivate me to develop even better features. Our entire team is passionate about software development and robust code that is easy to read and test. A technical IT apprenticeship provides the basic skills that are necessary to get started." Dominik Kirschenhofer, Software Engineer
It is fascinating to follow the development of our colleagues from the first interview to live, day-to-day activities. Since we work closely with all employees, we can also recognize which applicants are potential colleagues who match the spirit of our company. Excellent communication and team skills are essential in this job to provide optimal advice to both applicants and colleagues. Sarah Hutzfeld, Office Management & HR

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Whether at a cozy party in our company garden, relaxing summer chill-out, cooking challenge, human foosball tournament, carnival, an informative hike with culinary highlights or elegant evening event, the avedos team always makes a good impression!

Our values

We strive for joint success, support each other in achieving our goals, and count on reliability, trust and teamwork.

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We take responsibility for our work and believe in ongoing personal development.

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We treat all colleagues with respect on eye-to-eye levels and are honest, direct and attentive in our everyday encounters.

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