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At avedos, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and place great importance on sustainability and environmental awareness. Since we believe our social and ecological responsibility should and must exceed what is required by law, we launched the initiative “” back in 2016.

We place a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly, ph neutral cleaning services and avoid chlorinated cleaning products throughout our company.


Recycling is another important topic in our company. We properly dispose of Nespresso capsules, cardboard boxes and glass. Old system components and electronic devices, such as defective printers or laptops, are brought to recycling centers. 

Printouts that do not contain sensitive information are also collected and bound as notepads for employees.

The goals of the avedos.recycling project is to generate awareness throughout the company and encourage employees to properly sort and recycle waste – both at work and at home.

Recycling4smile from the RED NOSE clown doctors

avedos also supports the Recycling4smile project of the Austrian RED NOSE Clown Doctors by collecting and donating empty print cartridges and toner.

Embatex GmbH, a company with EMAS and ISO 14001 certification, produces and sells alternative ink cartridges and toner made from recyclable materials. The proceeds support the valuable work of the RED NOSE clown doctors. These specially trained clowns in hospitals and nursing facilities help the sick and needy find hope again and the courage to live.

We proudly support the Recycling4smile project of the RED NOSE clown doctors because it gives back to the community in so many ways – by serving the needy, helping the environment, and even generating new jobs.

CO2 awareness on the road

We also strive to minimize our carbon footprint during business trips. Train travel is preferred whenever possible because it has a lower environmental impact than driving and flying, which release larger amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor, soot and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere and magnify the greenhouse effect. We also book overnight stays in green globe and VDR-certified green hotels. 

Employee awareness

At avedos, we understand and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our employees receive discounts for the fitness center in our building complex. We also provide them with mineral water in recyclable bottles, organic vinegar and olive oil, and seasonal, regional fruit from a local farm store.

Each floor of the company also has a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and hot plates. The goal is to animate our staff to cook in the office or warm up something from home instead of eating fast food.

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