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avedos proudly presents: risk2value version 8

avedos, a leading European manufacturer of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software, has released version 8 of its software platform risk2value. The new version features superior usability and enhanced business processes for the three main user groups: end users, GRC domain administrators and system administrators.

risk2value startpage with collapsed navigation panel

Fresh. Modern. Easy to Use.

risk2value version 8 received a complete user interface makeover to provide an enterprise management system with a highly intuitive user experience.

Featuring an easy-to-understand wording and a state-of-the-art navigation concept, risk2value makes managing GRC process a delightful experience.

Specifically geared towards end users, risk2value now offers simplified quick access options for the most common work items like risks, measures, or audit findings. Focusing on a single task without the distraction of complex options has never been easier.

With version 8.0.1, users can even define their favorite items for even faster access.

Landing page featuring the most important work items

Links. With Semantic Meaning.

Sometimes, context is everything. For example, one and the same measure can have a completely different effectiveness and mitigation depending on the risk where the measure is applied.

Therefore, risk2value now offers user-friendly easy means to set and see such context-relevant information for individual linked work items. And of course, GRC administrator can freely define the fields comprising the contextual information as well as validate the user’s input.

Additionally, version 8.0.1 allows workflow-based guidance of users when linking work items, making sure that depending on the context only “the right stuff” is on offer.

GRC. BPM. Together.

The new BIC Connector establishes a link between Business Process Management (BPM) and GRC by providing an interface between risk2value and BIC Process Design.

Model your processes and document your process risks and controls in BIC Process Design. Synchronize this data with risk2value where you can e.g., perform control assessments, risk evaluations  or a protection requirements analysis,  and synchronize the results back from the GRC to the BPM system.

Tile Dashboards. Information at your Fingertips.

First impressions are important. Therefore, avedos’ quest for continuously improving the look & feel as well as the capabilities of tile dashboards continues. This results in a multitude of new functionality: from nifty counter layouts and new assessment-based charts to the ultimate flexibility of tiles where the data us gathered by project-specific stored procedures and the possibility of limiting a tile’s visibility based on the user’s group membership.

Assessment-based example dashboard

The version 8.0.1 will amaze you. For an exclusive insight into the new Version 8 in the form of a live demo, please contact Daniel Szamosvari directly.

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