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avedos User Conference 2017

avedos hosted its first User Conference on June 1 and 2, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. The conference featured a selection of 26 presentations as well as 8 product demos and 4 customer use cases centering on the theme “risk2value in action!”. Over 50 guests gained new insights and exchanged experiences with experts and peers in this two-day event.

Samuel Brandstätter and Hannes Wambach, Co-CEOs at avedos, welcomed clients and partners across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. Following a keynote from Michael Danninger on the latest developments in risk2value and a presentation from our partner EY on GRC in the digital transformation, participants were able to choose from two streams. Stream 1 focused on product and company news from avedos, while partners and clients took the stage in Stream 2. The groups merged again later that afternoon for a presentation from Christoph Stadlhuber, CEO at Signa. He informed the audience about the background of the Golder Quarter, Vienna´s new luxury shopping district, as well as the history of the Park Hyatt hotel, which gave the event a noble, worthy setting.

The first day of the information-packed conference closed with a relaxing evening and gala dinner at Schönbrunn Palace, another landmark venue in Vienna. Following an array of culinary delights, the neuroscientist Henning Beck shared insights on the human brain, one the most erroneous yet innovative structures in the world. Another highlight of the evening was the avedos GRC award ceremony, which honored our clients MANHelsana and Austrian Post. In the palace’s breathtaking gardens later that night, guests could sample a selection of fine whisky as an experienced whisky sommelier, who delivered the surprise in an antique car, answered their questions.  

Following the entertaining evening, the conference program continued on June 2nd. At the close of the event, the group assembled a final time for a podium discussion on GRC integration, trends and new technologies.

Watch a short recap video of the event:

On behalf of the entire team at avedos, we would like to extend our thanks again to all clients and partners who made our event a success. We look forward to the next User Conference in 2018.

View impressions from the conference:

Plenum UC Samuel Brandstätter und Hannes Wambach
Vortrag UC User Conference Samuel Brandstätter
Podiumsdiskussion UC User Conference avedos
Abendveranstaltung Ucer Conference Band Esprit
Abendveranstaltung Schönbrunn UC
Oldtimer User Conference Whiskeyverkostung
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