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avedos was sponsor at the 18th CCS event

On November 26th, the 18th CCS (Controlling Competence Stuttgart) event took place for the first time in an innovative digital form.

avedos was represented as a sponsor and Samuel Brandstätter gave an exciting lecture on the subject of “Quantitative risk management as a navigator through the crisis“. Following topics were focussed:

  • The link between the risk portfolio and the financial risk-bearing capacity
  • Risk simulation and stress testing demystifies and democratizes
  • The risk barometer as a communication tool between the management board and the supervisory board

Main topics

The 18th CCS as a specialist conference of the ICV gave the participants a good overview of the topic of corporate management for one day. Well-known speakers from controlling and finance discussed with the audience what new realities look like and what opportunities arise in this area. 6 different session rooms offered the participants a varied program. The content was also conveyed in various formats such as workshops, discussion groups and keynotes. The goal was clear: opportunities to network, learn from and with each other, rethink and break new ground.

The following topics were focussed:

  • How can you optimize the performance?
  • How are accounting policies and company valuations changing?
  • Do business analytics and simulations belong to the Controllers Toolbox?
  • How can we make greater use of digitization and automation?
  • How do we design “New Work”?
  • Is sustainable business also a controlling and finance issue?
CCS Veranstaltung Opening

Conference software

The conferencing software was not ordinary. Exhibitors and participants took part in the event as avatars. The people completely immersed themselves in a virtual 3D world and had all the technical possibilities that are also given in a face-to-face event. In addition, the software offered the advantage of being able to receive visitors at any time without having to worry about lecture times or volume levels. Films, photo shows and PDF presentations were also played in the exhibitor rooms.

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CCS Veranstaltung Opening

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