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My first 100 days at avedos

Maximilian Fresner is Implementation Consultant at avedos. In this blog post, he reports on his first three months at the company.

The final month of the 2019 calendar year is well underway. As always, it is a time to reflect – especially in a year that has been marked by a great deal of change for me personally. After having spent the past two years in Sweden and Belgium, I made the decision this summer to return to my home country of Austria. This change in location also brought about a change in careers. Now after three months at avedos GRC, I can take a look back and ponder over my experiences.

One of my very first highlights at avedos was the application process, which I felt was a refreshing contrast to most that I have experienced at other companies over the past few years.

Due to my background in consulting, application processes typically mean a long haul of rigorous steps. Several companies had invited me for “auditions”, which varied from logical reasoning tests to essays or typical case study workshops. In most cases I learned very little about the company itself or its internal culture. Most times, I honestly just felt like a number.  

avedos was completely different. After a first interview via video conferencing, I was already invited to the company to participate in an applicant day, which I felt had the main purpose of getting to know each other better. Here I was able to meet my future colleagues, glance over their shoulders at work, and experience the company, people and work culture up close and in person.

Since a compatible work environment and culture are extremely important to me, this was certainly the main reason why I decided to join avedos as an implementation consultant.

My first impression didn’t deceive me. On my first day of work in mid-September, I was introduced to my buddy Patrik, who accompanied me during onboarding in the initial weeks and months and still has an open ear whenever I come to him with questions. The other colleagues on the floor made a point to integrate me in the team from the very start – whether for a joint lunch or regarding inquiries about work or projects. They also reached out to me from day one to help me learn my new job responsibilities.

Aside from an onboarding schedule over the course of several weeks, within the first days I also participated in a three-day administrator training for our software risk2value along with clients and partners. This training gave me a good foundation to understand the program and its functions. It also made learning the software so much easier because I have been able to build on this basis in the time since. By the second week, I was able to shadow an ongoing project and even provide hands-on assistance. Learning by doing was extremely helpful – both to experience the flow of a real project and build up my skills quickly.

Assisting in various projects also made it much easier for me to get acquainted with all my team members and colleagues on the floor. I will admit that my contact with co-workers on the other floors is still rare because my responsibilities have little overlap with other departments and I don’t often have the opportunity to meet them. I am sure, however, that that will soon change – especially at upcoming events such as our annual Christmas party next week.

Another positive aspect that I can filter from the past three months is the high level of transparency in the company – both in general and towards the employees in particular. I can attest that this is not the case in most companies. Aside from the open communication regarding new changes and projects, the daily stand-up meeting ensures that everyone always knows who is working on what. Beyond that, the managing directors also host a presentation once a quarter to address what went well – and what didn’t – over the past period and to introduce upcoming strategic changes. Company finances are also communicated very clearly and openly so that every employee knows how the organization stands financially.

I am very enthusiastic about the projects on which we are working. Most of our clients are leading organizations with several thousand employees and from a variety of industries. This shows that primarily highly renowned companies use and rely on our software. As a consultant, I find it fascinating to work with clients that rank among the market leaders in their fields. Naturally, it is also very exciting to see that the implementation of our software helps them save money, increase transparency, and automate processes – which, in turn, frees up vast amounts of time and resources that they can devote to the core business.

Personally, I am also learning more and more every day and enjoy that no two projects are the same.  For the past two months, I have been supporting a leading Austrian company that generates billions of euros in the field of electrical engineering. I have also been supporting one of Europe’s leading media companies with a project on enterprise risk management over the past two weeks. In addition to understanding the technical side of the software implementation, I am gaining new theoretical knowledge which is highly useful for my own personal development.

Overall, I am very pleased that I made the decision several months ago to join avedos. I am already looking forward to future projects, am excited to follow our company’s development, and hope that I can play an active role in shaping its future direction.

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