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CARMAO and avedos team up in partnership: The future of information security lies in integration

CARMAO, an information security consultancy based in Limburg, Germany, and avedos, an Austrian software vendor specializing in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), have joined forces as partners to drive integration efforts in the field of information security..

CARMAO offers a complete, 360-degree approach to information risk management to eliminate the silo mentality in the fields of information security, business continuity management, data protection management and risk-oriented tasks. This integration of different sub-disciplines creates a strong foundation to identify improvement potential with minimal overlap.  “A silo mentality creates structural weaknesses and inevitably leads to higher costs – all of which can be avoided with our 360-degree framework CHARISMA”, explained Ulrich Heun, Managing Director at CARMAO. This complete approach guarantees a continuous, differentiated overview of the roles, requirements, overlap and project priorities across the entire processes.”

avedos, a European GRC software vendor based in Vienna, specializes in the integration of various GRC domains, which include risk management, compliance, business continuity and  information security. “The consulting methodologies of CARMAO perfectly complement our software risk2value, which enables GRC process mapping in an integrated software platform,” explained Hannes Wambach, Co-CEO at avedos. “With risk2value, companies profit from the advantages of a standard solution with the comprehensive, flexible modelling capabilities to meet their specific requirements. They can later integrate other GRC disciplines in a step-by-step process.”

Both avedos and CARMAO are confident that the future of GRC lies in integration, which lays the  ‘guardrails’ for driving risk-oriented, value-driven management decisions in today’s fast-past business world enterprises. A complete view of information security and GRC are necessary to address the developments in a world where corporate environments are growing more complex, business models are constantly changing, and digitalization is advancing across all industries. “With CARMAO and its complete 360-degree concept, avedos has found a partner with whom we can accompany our clients along various maturity levels on their journey towards integrated IT and GRC,” added Samuel Brandstätter, Co-CEO at avedos. “We look forward to a long-term, successful partnership together.”

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CARMAO & avedos

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