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Compliance Management

Compliance exists when an organization meets its obligations – and becomes sustainable when embedded in the corporate culture as well as the behavior and attitude of the staff. To maintain its independence, compliance management should optimally be integrated in the organization’s financial, risk, quality, environmental, health and safety management processes as well as their operational requirements and procedures.


An effective, enterprise compliance management system enables an institution to prove its efforts for upholding diverse requirements.

Meet requirements

Follow clear regulations and legal requirements.

Uphold standards

Establish industry codices and organizational standards as well as standards for good corporate management.

Follow guidelines

Define guidelines and best practices across the organization.

Uphold contracts

Ensure internal and external conformity with contracts.

Integrate risk management

Manage and control linked compliance risks.

Be ethical

Establish a culture of ethics to fulfill social expectations.


  • Meeting increasing expectations regarding the scope of compliance from senior management, the supervisory board and/or audit committee with less budget and personnel resources.
  • Tapping new areas that require highly specialized expertise (e.g. cybersecurity audits).
  • Positioning the role of compliance professionals as trusted business advisors that help improve processes, procedures and guidelines – not as internal police.
  • Adjusting skill sets to new technologies and areas of expertise (e.g. AI, cybersecurity and RPA).

Our solution with risk2value

Compliance Management mit risk2value
  • Compliance risk assessments.
  • Compliance control management.
  • Case management.
  • Integration with other GRC processes.
  • Complete audit trail.
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