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Data protection at Wienerberger AG

Wienerberger AG has been an avedos customer since 2017. In this blog post you’ll find out how the data protection management of the largest brick manufacturer worldwide has been optimized with the help of risk2value.

Wienerberger AG is a leading manufacturer of bricks, pipe systems and pavements. Innovation, strong customer relationships and longstanding expertise build the foun-dation for its success. Through its sustainable, cutting-edge technology, the company sets trends in new builds, renovations and infrastructure. Its mission is to shape the future of construction and improve the quality of life for generations to come.


Key Facts

• 16,596 employees

• 3.12 billion euros in turnover

• 195 plants

• 30 countries

The background

Wienerberger has been a client of avedos since the fall of 2017. Although its original intention had been to implement an information security management system (ISMS), fulfilling the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) soon emerged as a higher priority. The group generates over 3 billion euros in revenues across 30 countries worldwide and operates 200 plants, which mostly are located in close proximity to its sales markets. Obtaining an overview of data protection compliance throughout the entire group was the first challenge at hand.

The approach

Due to the company’s size, Excel spreadsheets or questionnaires were not feasible options. While considering other possibilities, its partner T-Systems suggested taking a closer look  at risk2value. Since the  software met all of its  requirements, Wienerberger quickly selected the GRC software from avedos. Using the wide selection of standardized content from avedos, Wienerberger quickly achieved initial wins as well as complete results worldwide within its tight deadlines. In addition to its questionnaires, the company now operates its complete processing directory in risk2value as part of its data protection management. This includes data processing for GPDR and the documentation of applications, primarily within IT. The subsidiaries were given the task to input any data processing, Excel sheets and offline printouts (e.g. from job applications). Thanks to risk2value, the data protection processes at Wienerberger is now much simpler and leaner as a whole.

Benefits of using risk2value

• One tool for mapping and conducting all GDPR-relevant workflows.

• Documentation of all processing activities throughout the group (including data protection follow-up assessments, data protection risks and the appropriate actions) in risk2value.

• Clear documentation of data protection inquiries and breaches

• Greater awareness for data protection through the software roll out, especially in subsidiaries and sites where the topic did not receive widespread media attention

• Vast specialized information conveyed in user trainings for risk2value

• Ongoing internal compliance audits of subsidiaries in a central tool with minimal work

• Simplified reporting processes with information (e.g. current processing directory of all sites) now available with a click of a button

• Comprehensive analytic capabilities by region or organizational levels for better information with much less work

Further developments

With this project, Wienerberger has laid a strong foundation to build its ISMS platform as well as integrate further processes. The ISMS, which is currently in deployment, will be extended step by step to integrate technical, industry-specific questionnaires from different business divisions in the future.

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