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Easter at House Karwan

Employees from various departments at avedos came together last Wednesday to share a little Easter joy with the children at House Karwan, a local home for refugees.

Cooperation with Caritas

Social responsibility is very important to the employees at avedos. For the past few weeks, the company has supported House Karwan, a local home for refugees run by the Vienna chapter of Caritas. The goal is a long-term cooperation in which employees at avedos and residents can spend time together and build trust. These activities take place outside of the regular working hours on a voluntary basis.

Celebrating Easter with the children

Children from many different nations and ethnicities took part in the festivities. Volunteers from avedos worked with the children on crafts and played games, which quickly broke the ice between the generations. Aside from decorating eggs and enjoying a chocolate one (or two), they also shared many laughs while pecking eggs, a beloved Easter tradition in Austria.

Thanks to an in-kind donation from Jolly, each child received a coloring book and pencils as a gift. As they handed over the surprises, the volunteers from avedos were touched by the joy on the children’s faces. “I am thrilled, that so many employees at avedos have volunteered to participate in this project,” explained Victoria Fellner from the marketing team at avedos. “We felt a strong team spirit from the day´s start. When the children gave us a farewell hug and asked us when we would come again, we were all visibly moved.”

About House Karwan

House Karwan is run by Caritas and provides housing to 175 refugees in Vienna, Austria. The facilities are barrier-free, which is a great assistance to families with infants and small children as well as residents with physical illnesses. 50 children and their families have found a loving home at House Karwan, which also provides shelter to single women and men. The child-friendly facilities include a supervised children’s room, a playroom and a garden where the Caritas team organizes recreational activities on a regular basis. The children receive intense support and learning aids in school. They also have the opportunity to work with a psychotherapist to process any traumatic experiences prior to or while fleeing their homelands.

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