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Enterprise Risk Management and Information Security Management at Otto Group

The Otto Group is a globally active group of retailers and retail-related service providers with around 52,000 employees and sales of 14.3 billion euros. Its 30 major company groups have a presence in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. With online sales of 8.1 billion euros, the Otto Group is one of the world’s largest online retailers. Its portfolio covers the complete retail spectrum ranging from toys to SaaS vendors and an open commerce platform. The group’s activities are split into three segments: multichannel retail, financial services and service. Its goods and products are sold through distribution and e-commerce channels as well as brick-and-mortar stores.


  • Approx. 52,000 employees
  • 14.3 billion euros in revenues
  • 30 group companies
  • 30 countries

* as of 2019/2020

The situation and challenges faced

Back in 2018, the Otto Group set a goal striving for leaner, more transparent enterprise risk management. It selected T-Systems Austria as its implementation partner and a suitable tool from the software vendor avedos. Following a status quo assessment within the group, these project objectives were defined:

  • Interlinking different risk management systems while increasing the focus on responsibilities
  • Integrating a wide range of processes, concepts and use cases in a flexible, efficient management system
  • Implementing a minimum viable product (MVP) on a tight schedule of just a few months
  • Connecting to local infrastructures


These goals were in part very challenging to meet, especially since the effects on operations, the coordination of different business teams, and the mapping in the system were also to be taken into consideration. Other important aspects included the integration and training of the various stakeholders and end users across multiple sites and companies both nationally and internationally.

The solution with risk2value from avedos

After a thorough selection process for a suitable software solution, the decision-makers responsible at the Otto Group selected T-Systems Austria as an implementation and support partner and the software risk2value from avedos. Thanks to the tool, the stakeholders were able to implement the various requirements to their satisfaction within the defined time frame.

Overall, the software delivered impressive results, particularly in the following areas:

  • risk2value from avedos covers the concept design, implementation and integration of a holistic risk management system in its entirety, even including an internal control system and compliance. The agile implementation approach used by T-Systems Austria focused on core functionalities that were extended successively in the later roll out.
  • T-Systems Austria got relevant stakeholders involved in the early stages of the solution’s development to ensure high user acceptance. The goal was to achieve the maximum-possible flexibility through client-specific configurations to a standardized system. T-Systems Austria implemented this requirement to the fullest.
  • risk2value runs smoothly and securely in the GRC Cloud from T-Systems Austria. This requirement was an absolute must for decision-makers.
  • The client can receive professional business-side and technical consulting from IT-Systems Austria as well as 3rd level support from the experts at avedos whenever needed.

Adding value to operations through risk2value

In spite of a strict time line, risk2value went live on schedule following a rapid, high-quality deployment through T-Systems Austria. The pre-configured best practice catalogs, workflows and processes from T-Systems Austria saved valuable time to make this possible. Since then, the Otto Group has profited greatly from a wide range of advantages, in particular:

  • The software solution from avedos can be built and extended flexibly, for example, by integrating and using the synergistic effects of various GRC modules.
  • It is capable of integrating local structures though national and international companies within the group.
  • The technical and business consulting expertise from T-Systems Austria allows fast responses to changing needs.
  • Reporting incorporates all GRC modules (vertical and horizontal) on all levels of the company in a consolidated, compact, comparable form.
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