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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management enables managers to effectively cope with uncertainty and the associated risks and opportunities so that they can add value across the organization. In order to maximize value, they must define a strategy and the objectives to optimally balance growth and earnings targets with the related risks. Beyond that, they must utilize resources efficiently and effectively to follow corporate objectives.


An established enterprise risk management process helps companies achieve the objectives that drive success.

Aligning goals with the risk appetite

Management takes the entity’s risk appetite into consideration when evaluating strategic alternatives, defining objectives and developing mechanisms to cope with the associated risks.

Making well-founded decisions

Enterprise risk management enables managers to pinpoint and choose adequate actions to avoid, mitigate, share and accept risks.

Reduce losses

Entities can recognize potential events better and define responses in advance to reduce surprises and the associated costs or losses.

Manage all risks across the enterprise

Each company faces a multitude of risks that affect various parts of the organization. Enterprise risk management enables effective actions to deal with these comprehensive risks.

Utilize opportunities

By taking an entire range of potential events into consideration, management is able to recognize and proactively utilize opportunities.

Improve capital utilization

By receiving reliable risk information, management can effectively evaluate the total capital requirement and improve the allocation of capital.


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