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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective: Aligning Risk Management to Value and Objectives

In the framework of “GRC 20/20 Solution Perspectives” – which offers an insight in promising GRC tools on the market – Michael Rasmussen evaluated avedos’ GRC Software risk2value thoroughly. During this independent assessment, which is based on Rasmussen’s many years of experience in the field of GRC as well as the personal dialog with users in whose daily work risk2value plays a crucial part, he got deep into the tool’s capabilities.  

What Users Appreciate

Rasmussen states, that companies chose risk2value because it enables them to improve their quality of GRC related management, monitoring and reporting. This is achieved through a broad spectrum of possible uses which are fitted to the organization’s needs. Some prefer to focus on a specific use case, like Risk Management or Data Protection, while others thrive for integrated GRC using custom solutions. Enhancement of performance and value, which is achieved through the active implementation of GRC in a company’s culture, has been proven to be supported through the usage of risk2value, while still presenting a lower cost of ownership throughout all implementation steps compared to other provider’s solutions. 

What risk2value Is Capable Of

GRC 20/20 concludes, that risk2value enables companies to manage their range of GRC topics in the context of goal achievement and performance enhancement by providing an intuitive and robust management solution. This is supported, for example, by the tools agility which is accomplished through configuration options that can be realized without programming knowledge. Furthermore, the provided templates for processes and workflows boost user onboarding and make the application easy to use.  

Michael Rasmussen revolutionized business environments in 2002 by being the first expert to define the term GRC and is therefore often noted as “Father of GRC”. With more than 27 years of experience he fosters sustainable design, implementation as well as improvement of GRC processes by guiding organizations trough the vast offering of different GRC software solutions. Michael Rasmussen’s expertise is in popular demand. Many companies and associations rely on his competence regarding GRC technology, compliance and policy management which he practices as a speaker, author and advisor. 

Would you like to learn more? Download the complete research paper for free! 

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