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GRC – Exchanging experience 2017

From March – May 2017 avedos expanded its long-term partnership with EY. In the scope of a roadshow, we toured through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Together we hosted events in Dusseldorf, Vienna, Linz, Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich and Berlin in order to exchange ideas with top-class guests on the topic of integrated GRC and recent trends and developments in the GRC field. 

The events were very well attended from over 150 participants in their respective cities. We are currently planning to repeat this format of a roadshow in 2018. 

At every one of the 7 events one of our clients held exciting lectures, for example

  • UNIQA (Tanja Ragitsch, Head of Qualitative Risk & Security Management)
  • Österreichischen Post AG (Stefan Tegischer, Investor Relations, Revision & Compliance)
  • LGT (Marco Stalder, Group Risk Controlling)
  • MAN SE (Jan Schreiner, Vice President GRC)
  • EnBW (Marco Mannes, Risikomanagement & IKS)
  • Axel Springer (Alexander Schröder, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer)

Below you can see some impressions from different stops of the roadshow: 

GRC Erfahrungsaustausch 2017
GRC Erfahrungsaustausch 2017
GRC Erfahrungsaustausch vortrag samuel Brandstätter
GRC Erfahrungsaustausch 2017 vortrag stefan weixelbam
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