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Internal Control System

Controls help organizations keep performance or a state of affairs within a range that is expected, allowed or accepted. Controls within a process are internal in nature and based on a combination of components – ranging from the social environment affecting employee behavior to guidelines, methods and other essential information. The internal control structure outlines which of these various components are included in the control. This plan guarantees the company’s efforts to uphold compliance with guidelines, processes and authorization limits.


Internal controls can also include other areas such as intercompany controls in financial reporting, IT controls, compliance controls, and export controls and customs (ECC).  Since these areas are very unique, they are individually designed to fit their specific purpose. The approach for each of these disciplines, however, is the same:

Identify risks

Identify potential errors in the business process.

Choose suitable controls

Define controls to avoid risks.

Anchor controls in the process

Inform about the process and control through active communication.

Document actions

Create audit-proof verification of all executed controls.

Validate controls

Ensure that controls are upheld.

Check effectiveness

Test the design and operational effectiveness on a regular basis.


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