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International Women’s Day at House Karwan

Social responsibility is so important in companies – today, even more so than ever. That is why we at avedos have chosen to support the House Karwan project of the Catholic social organization Caritas. We are planning a long-term cooperation that will give our employees as well as the house’s residents the opportunity to spend time together, exchange experiences, and build trust.

House Karwan

House “Karwan”, an Old Persian name that means “sanctuary”, offers a place of refuge to 180 single men and women as well as families with children from over 30 countries. Residents are assigned to the house through the Social Fund of Vienna (FSW). The Vienna chapter of Caritas oversees the ongoing care.

House Karwan provides a secure place to live as well as consultation and support. The employees at Caritas offer guidance and resources throughout the asylum proceedings and help them to shape their future perspectives to quickly start a new life on their own.

International Women’s Day

Supported by the female staff at avedos, House Karwan organized a celebration for its female residents in honor of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2017.


The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the United States back in 1911. Together, the women fought for equal rights as well as the active and passive right to vote, which was introduced seven years later. Today, International Women’s Day honors the achievement of equal opportunities for women in the workplace and the enforcement of political decisions.

The women at House Karwan celebrated this day with refreshments, games, interesting conversations, and lots of laughter. Each woman in attendance received a rose and a small gift. They also had a chance to win prizes, sponsored in part by the employees at avedos.


We look forward to many more joint projects together with Caritas in House Karwan.  


To learn more about the project or make a donation, please visit:

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