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KPT selects risk2value from avedos for integrated risk and control management

The Swiss health insurance provider, KPT Krankenkasse AG, has selected the software platform risk2value from avedos to map and support its existing methodologies for integrated risk and control management.

KPT will implement its current integrated risk and control management methodology in risk2value to professionally manage existing processes. The health insurance provider selected the GRC platform from avedos following an extensive selection process. The market-leading software enables companies to map all existing GRC requirements in an active management system while reducing the required time and work for technical and functional tasks.

Reporting to the supervisory authorities, the board of directors and the management

“I am certain that risk2value is the right product for KPT because it gives us the flexibility to optimally cover the different reporting requirements of external regulatory agencies, our administrative board and executive team” explained Andreas Luginbuehl, Director Assurance Functions, KPT.

“We are very pleased that KPT has selected risk2value and look forward to a successful, long-term cooperation,” commented Hannes Wambach, Co-CEO at avedos. “KPT is a partner who shares our vision of GRC and with whom we can work together to develop sustainable, mature GRC processes.”

“We anticipate that the software risk2value will simplify data administration and help users meet their deadlines with its mapped workflows (push emails),” added Sonja Meier, project manager at KPT. 

Aside from Austria and Germany, Switzerland is one of the main markets for avedos. The GRC specialist has experienced ongoing growth in this region and continues to build its market presence in Switzerland, where it serves leading clients such as the insurance providers Helsana and Visana.

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