The avedos management introduces itself.

Samuel Brandstätter CEO avedos

Samuel Brandstätter

Founder and CEO, Head of Sales

Samuel Brandstätter is the founder and CEO of avedos GRC GmbH. He is driven by the belief that a profound enterprise GRC strategy has a major influence on the sustainable success of modern organizations. The visionary has consulted executives and senior managers of leading international companies and organizations for over 15 years and supports them along their path to GRC maturity. With the software risk2value, he develops innovative concepts to interlink and integrate risk management as well as advance the digitalization of these processes.

Herbert Gobold avedos Mitarbeiter

Herbert Gobold


Herbert Gobold has extensive management experience in the fields of finance and management accounting. Throughout his career, he served in various senior positions at IBM and DHL and as head of accounting and finance at a public software company.

Julia Druschel avedos Mitarbeiter

Julia Druschel

Head of Marketing

After her economics studies with a focus on business consulting and communications management in Vienna, Julia Druschel began her professional career in a major international corporation. Since the beginning of 2014 she has been dedicated to the development of marketing and communication activities at avedos. As Head of Marketing she is responsible for all communication agendas, PR and event management.

Markus Pflüger avedos Mitarbeiter

Markus Pflüger

Head of Consulting

Over the past 15 years Markus Pflüger has acquired vast knowledge of market intelligence tools in various industries (e.g. insurance, tourism). During his studies, where he focused on business information systems, infonomics and IT law, he built on his experience in the field of GRC. Markus Pflüger has worked on various client projects at avedos since joining the company in 2013. In his current position as Head of Consulting, he is responsible for the department’s ongoing development.

Martin Putz avedos Mitarbeiter

Martin Putz

Head of Engineering

Martin Putz has been Head of Engineering at avedos since 2017 and is responsible for software development and quality assurance. Since 2018 he also takes care of customer support and internal IT. Prior to this, he spent 15 years leading large international R&D teams and customer support at a listed Austrian software company.

Iris Rauh avedos Mitarbeiter

Iris Rauh

Human Resources

Iris Rauh has been responsible for Human Resources at avedos since 2015. Prior to this, she worked for a company in the language school sector for several years. There she was responsible for recruiting, coordination and accounting of teachers after completing her studies in business administration.

Rene Windisch avedos Mitarbeiter

René Windisch

Head of Product Management

René Windisch began his career at a leading global security company, where he developed IT platforms for security systems. After completing his master’s degree in business informatics, he devoted himself to the relevant topic of “Business Intelligence & Reporting” at avedos since 2014. Since 2019, René Windisch has been responsible for the strategic and innovative development of risk2value products in his role as Head of Product Management.