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Operational Risk Management

Aside from credit, market and liquidity risk management, operational risk management is one of the key disciplines for managing risk – especially within financial institutions. EU regulations mandate that these institutions adequately manage and mitigate operational risks.


An established operational risk management process helps companies achieve the objectives that drive success.

Establishing standardized methods

Implementing a standardized approach to identify, assess and mitigate operational risks.

Standardizing management of damage claims

Introducing standards for registering, evaluating and reporting operational loss events.

Implementing regulatory requirements

Fulfilling requirements defined by the European Banking Association.

Enabling BIA usage

Allowing the institution to follow BIA, a more favorable approach for calculating required minimum capital.

Identifying potential savings

Saving costs by reducing losses caused by operational events.

Determining the need for optimization

Creating input for areas needing to improve overall risk management and internal control procedures.


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