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avedos introduces risk2value 6.2

avedos, a leading vendor for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software, has released version 6.2 of its software platform risk2value. The new release stands out for its intuitive user interface and easier handling.

risk2value 6.2 features many new and improved capabilities, including:

Visualizing action links

Version 6.2 offers a graphical view of linked actions so users can instantly recognize correlations across several levels. If they wish to delve deeper, they can select an element to view further details. Users can also mark actions using self-defined colors. This supports faster recognition.

Changing and updating field visibility

Users can opt to only view relevant fields in risk2value 6.2. This is set through a configuration that dynamically determines which fields are displayed or hidden depending on the value of another field.

If a message appears upon saving an action (e.g. due to missing mandatory fields), risk2value will directly mark these fields in the action. With a click on this message, it automatically directs attention to the respective entry field. Users can also open a dialog box of all current messages at any time (without an export).

Improved usability

Aggregated notifications are one of the innovative usability improvements in risk2value 6.2. Aggregated notifications collect all relevant information on a topic for different actions and send them through the scheduler in a single email. Users can complete their tasks in a more structured manner without having to process multiple emails on the same topic.

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