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risk2value platform

The new digital world is changing faster than ever. Above all, processes in the areas of governance, risk and compliance play a decisive role, as they have a lasting impact on a company’s strategic decisions. In order to map these processes efficiently and future-proof, risk2value offers you extensive possibilities to design your GRC software according to your needs.

Get to know the powerful components of risk2value. Here you will find an extract of the most popular add-ons from risk2value,
that support you in taking GRC processes to the next level in a user-friendly and professional manner.

Use the extensive functions and tools for optimal results

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Discover and learn about further GRC processes

risk2value.library is a collection of different GRC components. These pre-built components enable higher standardization in our risk2value custom solutions implementation projects. In other words, we can quickly deliver an initial prototype and you see fast results in the further course of the project. Following the joint development of an initial system, you also have the option to develop it further on your own - for example, to fine tune your ERM system or enhance it with qualitative analytics. You and interested colleagues can also view related GRC processes or completely new use cases in risk2value.library.

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Get dashboards just the way you want them is your tool for designing risk2value dashboards. Using Microsoft Excel, you can create individual, user-friendly dashboards and later integrate and use them in risk2value. We would be happy to help you implement or completely design dashboards for you! This product was developed by the avedos partner XLCubed. contains all XLCubed features as well as additional functionality exclusively developed for risk2value. grafische Darstellung

Simulation made easy

Use risk2value.simulation and profit from the vast capabilities of risk2value simulation components, which you use to run statistical calculations.

Some popular use cases include:
• Determining empirical quantiles
• Risk aggregation
• Risk tolerance
• Correlation
• Action budget
• Risk stressing

Are you looking to conduct other types of simulations? Contact us for a personal consultation or read our white paper to learn more about risk2value.simulation.

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risk2value simply explained is your interactive step by step guide through risk2value. As a navigation system, it guides users through the application in an easily understandable way and increases efficiency each time the software is used - even for users who rarely work in the system. leads you intuitively through the software and provides the necessary explanations at exactly the right time. This enables the user to get to know the use of risk2value directly in the tool. As the central point of contact for all user questions, answers 1st-level inquiries and significantly reduces your support effort. The integrated announcement function notifies your users of upcoming events such as the end of an evaluation period, maintenance work or the Christmas party. As an administrator, you also benefit from easy handling and an intuitive recording mode, to create or edit instructions in real time and make them available throughout the organization. from avedos
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