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RiskNET Summit 2016 – a review

As in previous years, avedos took part in the RiskNET Summit 2016 located at the castle of Hohenkammer (near Munich) – the experts conference with risk management, governance and compliance as its main topics.

There is always a lot of stairs in castles and fortresses – also at this year’s venue. To climb them is not always easy, you will need fitness and stamina. 

Multistage and no less challenging is the area of risk management. To be more specific: To anchor risk management as a topic within ones own organization, so to say to get from risk accounting to a lived risk management.   

Frank Romeike, CEO of RiskNET and initiator of the RiskNET Summit spoke about „Risk management of the future – future of risk mangement“ in his opening speech.  

„The future has to lead to an effective, forward-looking comprehensive risk and chance-mangement, serving as information and controlling instrument“ Romeike added.    

The huge bandwidth of modern risk mangement structures was shown to the participants on the first conference day by topics, trends and methods in the local and global context. 

The second day illustrated impressively how interdependent our fragile world is – politically, socially and economically. Conversely, this means: What is a threat to us in one part of this world has to be taken on the risk radar by risk managers in the rest of the world.

Starting with war, terror over to cyber attacks and natural risks. For companies this means they have to have the possible consequences on the risk radar and take measures to strengthen the resilience of their own organization.    

Finally, let us look to the future. On October 24th and 25th 2017 the upcoming RiskNET Summit 2017 will welcome the risk management community again at the castle Hohenkammern. The „special venue“ – also for an intensive exchange of ideas on risk management on a global scale.

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