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avedos at RiskNET Summit 2020

This year’s RiskNET Summit was held on 20 – 21 October at the office facilities of BORA in Raubling, Germany. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event took place under strict hygienic precautions with the maximum contingent of allowed participants.

The pandemic’s impact on the economy, geopolitics and the global value-added chains clearly show how imperative preventative, effective risk management is. These factors made this year’s RiskNET Summit a highly insightful event. The modern design of the BORA building provided an ideal setting.

The conference highlighted many thought-provoking presentations including:  

  • Coping with Uncertainty and Complexity: Is Risk Management Still a Hidden Pearl?
  • IDW PS 340: New Requirements for Risk Management Systems
  • Globalization on the Isolation Ward: International Politics and Security after the COVID Crisis
  • Systematic Risks: Management and Communication in a Post-truth Era
  • Higher Transparency Through Quantitative Risk Management
  • Risk Management in Supply Chains: Proactive Management or Waiting for the Worst Case?
  • Data Competency and Data Ethics for Risk Managers
  • The Art of Continual Self-renewal from a Risk Management Perspective
  • Identify, Evaluate and Preventively Control Cyberrisks

Interview with Samuel Brandstätter

Samuel Brandstätter (CEO & founder of avedos GRC GmbH) also hosted an informative workshop on supply chain risk management. In the interview below he spoke about this topic and answered the following interesting questions:

  • What is your perception of auditing standards?
  • What do you view as the strengths and weaknesses of the current audit standard?
  • How can supply chain risk management gain relevance?
  • How can your clients profit from GRC activities?
  • What value have you gained from the RiskNET Summit?

Study on the subject of "Supply Chain Risk Management"

In cooperation with RiskNET GmbH, avedos also provided support for a study on supply chain risk management. The logistics survey was conducted and evaluated by the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) and the Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Michael Huth (Fulda University of Applied Sciences) and Carsten Knauer (BME) presented the results at the RiskNet Summit during the presentation “Risk Management in Supply Chains: Proactive Management or Waiting for the Worst Case?” For more information on the results of this study, please contact David Hahn.

A comprehensive photo review of the event can be found here!

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