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Swiss Aduno Group strengthens governance with the software platform risk2value

The Swiss specialist for cashless payment has selected the integrated software platform risk2value from avedos to strengthen governance practices throughout the group. The project will professionally map its enterprise risk management, information security and internal control system on an integrated GRC platform.

risk2value is replacing various Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint solutions which we previously used to document GRC processes,” explained Ernst Bachmann, Head of Group Risk Management and project owner. “We will use it to completely map all areas and processes that are relevant for governance on a single platform. Thanks to the tool’s flexibility, we can utilize our existing methodology now and develop further it at a later time. Its integrated concept generates synergistic opportunities and savings in each individual business area and guarantees that management has reliable information to make value-driven decisions in light of risks.”

“The Aduno Group truly shares our view of GRC,” comments Hannes Wambach, COO at avedos. “Instead of mere fulfilling the assurance function, it understands that GRC serves as both the strong foundation for innovation and growth as well as the path to lasting enterprise management”.

The high flexibility of risk2value was a prime reason for choosing avedos. The company’s vast expertise in both business and technical issues as well as its clear focus on finding solutions for the client’s needs were also apparent during the selection process. Two onsite visits with avedos clients in Switzerland and a detailed preview in a custom-built prototype offered further compelling arguments for selecting the software platform.

“We look forward to a lasting, successful partnership with the Aduno Group,” added Samuel Brandstätter, CEO at avedos. “This project is a further milestone for avedos on the Swiss market and confirms our strategy to integrate all GRC domains in a single product.” 

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