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Visana deploys integrated risk management with risk2value von avedos

The Swiss health insurance carrier Visana will automate its enterprise risk management processes using the integrated software platform risk2value.

The insurer, which is currently revamping its risk management processes, has decided to replace its current Excel and Word solutions with a professional tool that it can adapt to its existing methodologies. With the help of avedos, Visana will integrate risk management, compliance and internal controls with no future media breaks. The standard functionality of risk2value ensures a fast implementation and high flexibility for individual customizations.

“We chose risk2value because it is a futureproof, easy-to-integrate solution that will ideally support the continual development of GRC at Visana,” explains Reto Gugger, project manager at Visana. “In comparison to other solutions, risk2value has the best usability and allows a risk-based approach through the use of scorecards.”

“We gained deep insights while visiting a reference project at another Swiss insurer,” added the project owner Bertrand Volken. “The personal consultations through the managing directors at avedos and live prototype during their bid presentation at our Bern office also influenced our decision.”

As a software vendor specializing in Governance, Risk and Compliance, avedos is dedicated to integrating the various disciplines of GRC. “We will support Visana in building an integrated, futureproof risk management system and developing it further as its GRC process matures,” explains Hannes Wambach, Chief Sales Officer at avedos. Samuel Brandstätter, Chief Executive Officer at avedos, adds, “Integrating the various business and technical aspects of risk management avoids redundancies in capturing information and slashes process overlap to save valuable time and money. We are delighted that Visana has chosen avedos and look forward to a long, successful partnership together.”

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